Nearly 50,000 children from almost 50 countries participated in the IAAF Kids Mile Runs on 6 June, Global Running Day.

In some 400 schools across dozens of cities, from the Northern Mariana Islands to Albania to Chad to Georgia, children gathered to take part in mile runs staged on tracks, roads, trails and in parks to celebrate Global Running Day as part of the IAAF Run 24-1 global campaign to inspire and motivate the youngest members of communities to experience the joy of running.



In Angola, more than 10,000 children took part in 15 cities. In Burkina Faso, more than 1200 students participated in 18 cities. Iraq was home to another inspiring turnout, where runs took place in more than 25 schools in five cities attracting some 2500 young runners.

Europe also experienced phenomenal participation. In Belarus, more than 1500 children participated. In Hungary, more than 3500 aspiring runners from 34 schools in seven cities took part.



The event was the second stage of the IAAF’s week-long celebration of running, which began with its Run 24-1 global relay of mile runs on Sunday, and concludes with an Athletics Family Mile Run in Monaco, home to the IAAF, hosted by HSH Albert II of Monaco and IAAF President Sebastian Coe, on Friday (7), where several of the world’s greatest sports stars will participate, including Paula Radcliffe, Mika Hakkinen, Felipe Massa and Cesc Fabregas.










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